Google Brand Studio

Art/Design Director


Making AI

In order to demonstrate Google's commitment to implementing responsible, cutting edge AI, we created  ‘Making AI’ - a useful and inspiring book telling the human story of AI. We brought the content to life in a visually engaging and informative way, using infographics, timelines, maps and photography, whilst at the same time paying particular attention to reflecting the serious and academic nature of the subject. The book highlighted the developments in and benefits for EMEA, and was handed out by the policy team at their annual flagship 2 day ‘Making AI’ event in Amsterdam. We designed and delivered it in 6 weeks.


Davos world economic forum - Google AI and KOF Engagement

The book was so well received at the Amsterdam event, we have since received a global request for an additional 1400 copies. We also created a global version of the book, shared with over 100 key partners and policymakers - including Global CEOs, leaders and public figures - at a Google Fireside event at Davos. It was supported by thoughtful, case study posters showing the human stories of AI.