Senior Designer / Art Director


Virgin Money

AKQA worked with Virgin Money to produce an in-store iPad magazine called 'The Lounge'. Designed to introduce their clients to a new world of banking, it included a mix of financial and lifestyle content as well as member access. I had particular ownership of  the members area, as well as the historical timeline. We took the idea of parallax design (which was only just emerging in the digital sphere at the time) and used it to bring this section alive. I worked closely with the iOS web developer, to art direct and produce the final design in build.                                                                                                    



Virgin Money - Single customer view

I worked closely with the User Experience team,  creatively supporting them in delivering a vision piece for Virgin Money. The aim was to bring to life the idea of a 'Single Customer View', allowing Virgin Money to reconnect with their customer and the customer to deal with their money on their terms.