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Petra Street View Trek  

To help reignite interest in this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site, we launched an immersive, virtual Street View Trek of Petra. Anyone with an internet connection could take a hike through Petra, complete with guided audio narration and rich SFX. This rich, device adaptive guided tour includes fun facts and insider information, created in English, Japanese, Russian and Arabic. 



We had over 1 million users by day three that spent on average over 1 minute on the page.  

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Petra VR

A year after the launch of the Street View Trek, we felt we could make this digital experience even more immersive. So we decided to take the existing trek and reimagine it, making it compatible with Cardboard VR. 

Petra VR uses 360º mapping, aerial imagery, rich audio narration and interactive hotspots allowing users to explore Jordan’s beautiful red-rose city. Follow in the footsteps of the Nabateans on a guided tour that transports you to six of Petra’s most intriguing destinations.