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The project

Discover one of Europe's largest offshore wind farms, without leaving the classroom. We created an educational, easy-to-use, interactive teaching resource that helps engage kids with bite sized learning. The experience explores a wind farm in the middle of the North Sea using VR and 360 degree storytelling, bringing the curriculum to life in new and exciting ways. The content covered everything from climate change and renewable wind energy, to the benefits of electromagnetic radiation. I led the day to day creative - concepting the idea, making the experience and film, creating collateral / social comms and working closely with production partners.


Creating the 360° panos and hotspot content

The expedition consists of seven scenes - four of which were shot in the North Sea and two of which were either created in or manipulated using CGI. I led the day to day production of this content including storyboarding the shots we needed, artworking, grading and stitching the photography, prototyping in app and creating the sound effects for each of the scenes.


CGI assets

We produced a number of CGI hotspot assets in order to bring the scenes to life and tell an intuitive, engaging story. The content ranged from explaining non-renewable energy, 3D models showing the evolution of wind power and the scale of the turbines themselves, as well as short animations showing how electromagnetism works and how energy is distributed.



We wrapped up the experience with collateral to leave behind in schools, including a selection of posters (designed from CGI assets), an origami wind turbine and stickers in German and English. We also created a four week social roll out plan, overseeing the production of all assets and a comprehensive PR pack. The experience and campaign was supported by a sizzle film to promote the Expedition.

Sep-21-2017 11-54-52.gif


The response to date has been very positive. We reached thousands of pupils in hundreds of schools and used the expedition as a hero topic to drive signups. The experience was also put into Google Earth for everyone to access.



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